Portraits of My Heart



One Moment
How long ago was it that I held you in my arms. It could be a month, a year, or ten years. I can not remember, because time has been an elusive dream since you left. Sorrow is my only reality. I am lost among the sheep that wander aimlessly through life without hope or aspirations. Yet I vaguely recall one moment when we were together among the living. When life resembled a grand waltz. We floated on clouds and knew no wrong, and there was purpose and clarity. Without you there is only apathy. 3/02
In this candle lit place were we made love, there is silence. Nights of fire, days of passion, tender kisses, and soft words are gone. But I remember a snowy night when we rang in the new year, laughing and loving. I kissed you outside the civic center while fireworks blazed the frosted sky. People shouting all around us. Champagne spilling and our lips clenched tight. We held close and watched our breath float away and we swore our love was true. And by god I swear that there has not been one day since that I don't think of you. My love, I have been true. I have kept that sacred vow that we spoke on that frigid and joyous night. 6/02
D. #2
You were so cheery, and I was so teary, while you wrestled with death. When the reapers' vise grip took away your last breath, my love, you said you would be back. And again, in another life, our love would bloom. I am waiting for you my love. I am waiting here in this lonely room. 1097