Portraits of My Heart



 I am not sure where to begin. At 31 I have had so many experiences in life that they are hard to categorize. Yet I feel that I am only beginning to live and experience life. My writing is only a small part of who I am. It is just a reflection of one area of my being. In no way does it (or anything about me) sum up the whole of who and what I am.
     That being said, I feel like I am just another person walking this Earth,  trying to find something tangible that explains everything. But you and I know that nothing in this life is ever that simple. Anyway, I thought that it would be interesting to throw in some tidbits about myself and some of the things that I like.
AGE: 31
SIGN: Sagitarius
FROM: Baltimore, MD.
JOB: Food service Manager
FACT: Only child
STATUS: Single
WRITERS: Dean Koontz, Shakespeare, Poe.
POETS: Hugo, Whitman, both Brownings, Shelly, Rossetti.
MOVIES: Shawshank Redemption, Carlito's Way, The Talented Mr. Ripley,
12 Monkeys, Saving Private Ryan, Immortal Beloved, PCU, Many more.
Actors: Tom Hanks, Matt Damon,  Helen Hunt, Marlon Brando.
MUSIC: Classical to Country I love it all.
Cook, Veterinary Assistant, Cab Driver, Pet Store manager, Restaurant Manager, Sno-Ball Stand Owner, Actor, Pizza Delivery Guy, Grocery Store Manager, Cafe Manager,  Clerk.
CATS: Sparky, Piglet, Lex, and Horse(this cat has other names as I could never decide on a name for him. His original name was CrackerJack. He has also been called Boy, Edward, and CJ. Luckily he answer to them all!)
Although I am not starving, I do fancy myself an artist and as such am not against receiving donations.
Please send donations and any correspondence to:
Kevin J. McCrum
4209 Colonial Road
Pikesville, MD. 21208