Portraits of My Heart



Dreaming of you
I am dreaming and in my dream is you. Clean. Naked. Loving. Your silken hair glows by the sunlit window. Eyes shimmering like two pools of hope. Arms entwined in a lover's embrace. Your sleek stomach hard and wanting. Heaving silently. Your soul stares into me, screaming my name. But I am deaf. I can not hear you. My heart is ravenous for your love. I reach for you, and I wake to find my surroundings unfamilliar. Obtuse. 2/00
When Picasso slept, do you think he dreamed in abstract hues. When John Lee Hooker sleeps, does he get the blues. In my mind's eye I know love is out there and in my dreams I can see the one that I most want to share my life with. A grassy field, bright sunshine, daffodills by the score. A butterfly, a picnic lunch, roses a dozen, and so much more. But more often than not I dream of the one thing I have not. Your love, intertwined with my own. What a wonderful life. What a happy home. 6/96
D. #4
Dreams of your leaving me invade my sleep. I awake stunned, cold, unaware of my surroundings. I look to you. You are not there. You are gone from the living. 2/98