Portraits of My Heart



Mirrors are amazing things. You can see three dimensions in them. Your exact opposite in a flat piece of glass. Width, depth, color. Everything around you, but it can't reflect your torment. 4/99
Picnic in the sun
In the noon sunlight my palms rest easy on your brow. My fingertips flick your ears and my tongue bathes your eyelids. In shadows you speak my name and the sun rises higher still. Soon, the sun will set and will leave the day behind us. We will drift through the night sky, softly, on moon beams. 10/97
Pillars of Evil
In the trees and the hills the shadows sing.
They dance and rejoice at the death they bring.
In wanton moans the sinners spy,
the blood red moon rising high in the sky.
Their glances of fire burn in your head,
The Devil rises with his army of the dead.
On skeleton horses with maggot breath,
loom the insipid spectres of death.
Unleashing Hell's wrath upon the people of Earth,
The keeper of evil fills with mirth.
A world full of lovers left to doom,
The Earth itself a carrion tomb. 9/97
Let's not argue
No sense in arguing. I love you and that's all that matters. All that surrounds us is extraneous, superfluous waste. This race from birth to death should be filled only with love, joy, passion, and happiness. For us, that race is nearing the finish line. So we won't argue anymore. Let's just love and enjoy each other for what it's worth. In a thousand years our dust won't even fill a salt shaker. So let's just love and be loved. 2/00