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These poems appeared in my first book "Glimpses of My Soul"

-Love Changes

when we first met
love was hidden among the apricot leaves

when we grew
love swelled like an ocean tide

when we parted
love was like a kidney stone

when love knew I was alone
it strangled me

-Fruits of Love

what blissful delight it is bathing in your soul
fruits of love grow in your garden
unencumbered by weeds of spite 
blood oranges spill your delicious juice into my waiting mouth
your love spreads on my tongue like honey
sweet and thick
your fragrance like raspberries

I bite into you and like a soft skinless peach
you drip sugar filled nectar down my chin
I want to cut into you like a melon
I want to bite into you again and again
like a strawberry you are bittersweet

-The First Move

my cereal and your eggs seem distantly familiar
I am too interested in your eyes to even glance at my bowl

your chocolate brown eyes have a way of speaking to me
when your tongue is swallowed by shyness

I hear them saying you are exhilarated by our passion
and your trepidation would be overcome

if only I would make the first move

how your hands tremble as I lift your chin
and press our lips together

-Requisite Love

carefully my love was carried upon your shoulders
like delicate porcelain
balancing precariously between night and day
winter and summer

my life circles in awkward momentum
I beseech the universe to reinstate my mortal wealth
so I may once again have you in my blood

I need to drink the sustenance of uncommon possession
which is your soul
every inch of my screaming existence yearns to caress your blood filled skull
your mountain of life

I want the liquid of your being
and the salt of your tears
and every unsanitary texture of you
to beguile me with fruits of passion
and in so doing
destroy the recollections of my emptiness



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