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These poems were published in "Poetry, Life & Times"

-Blue and Green Memories

these hills
whereupon I ran
during my lugubrious childhood
once green
once blue
are green again

painted by the many tones of you
my lover artist
even with the turning seasons
they remain green
vibrantly so
even if only in my memory


let you and I
open my box of rain
empty it out
into the dawn's pinkish sky

let us shout across the horizon
expose our better joy
yet again
find comfort in life
in beauty
in each other

-Light Me

upon the liquid night
I curse you stars
which have seen more than I ever shall
hold your secrets for I do not care
this spec will disappear before you can blink
and yet there is a dawn within me
you do not see
nor shall you ever know
and that is my claim
to shout over you

useless night of glimmering pin points
let down your drapes
uncover the fragile sun
let me say my goodbyes with each tooth I have

light me
smoke will carry me high
guide me to my dream
way up
into shades of eternity

-You Are My Sun

today the ocean looks like the night sky
a million pin-points reflecting brilliantly
across the dark water
oh what glaring light
and you
shimmering even brighter
smile at me
catch your reflection in a single sweet tear
as it leaves my eye

you are my sun
me the ocean
or are we the night sky
and stars
arching pleasantly along the stratosphere
over tens-of-thousands of beach-goers who
oblivious of our prosperity
drift inside their own sphere of perception
and hopefully feel the way we do
the way many have said they see us
completely connected
and shining like the sun
reflecting off the Atlantic



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