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*Winner of "Skyline Magazine's" Winter Poetry Bash - 2003


lying in wait
you crouch low on the bed
when you pounce
you fill me with illusions
hot love
warm lies
yet you claw and bite
and sever heart strings
I know you
I have loved you before
I have fallen for your costume of passion too many times
but kiss me once more
then gouge out my eyes
fill me with false desires
grab my heart
rip it to shreds
cry wolf
love me like fire

+Published in "The Unknown Poet"

+The Road To You Is Paved With Gold

chiseled from a stolen Buddha
ashy pile of incense still smoldering
where I the thief dropped it carelessly
but this is not about me

your blood pumps like a piston
racing through the red moon night
absorbing the tears of my forlorn vicissitudes
which fall in hammered patterns of crushed mosaics
the art of me squeezed out by years of disdain
each tile a washed away sin

unlike the other men who left me baron
you saved me from the suicide ballads I once played
and believe me I played them all

fending off wolves in male clothing
is never easy when you're the fattest
slowest sheep in the flock
but you are no wolf
you are my Buddha of chiseled gold



The Academy of American poets
The New Pleiades
Poet's Ink